The Problem:

Kids make messes!  Especially when they are eating or working on projects or activities.

Messy means:

  • Stained sleeves
  • Extra clean-up
  • Extra outfits
  • Extra laundry
  • Parents get frustrated!

The Solution:

Sleevie Savers ™ - developed by a mom to save kids’ sleeves one meal or project at a time from foods, stains, liquids, stretched sleeves, and more.  Sleevie Savers ™ also save parents and caregivers from clean-up frustrations.  “Sleevies ™” (nicknamed by the kids who use them) are comfortable, water resistant and easy to wash and air dry between meals and projects.

Learn about the Benefits to using Sleevie Savers ™ here!

Available in 5 Colors!

  • Fire Engine Red
  • Grass Green
  • Pink Raspberry
  • Purple Orchid
  • Royal Blue

Uses for Sleevie Savers:

Sleevie Savers ™ come in handy any time you have an inkling that your son or daughter will make a mess.  Having at least two pairs is super beneficial – one at home in your kitchen or your arts/crafts supplies box; and one dedicated for travel in the diaper bag or your child’s backpack. 

The possibilities of situations where you can benefit from your child using Sleevie Savers’ are limited only by the creativity of moms and caregivers!  Some examples of great times to use Sleevie Savers ™ are:

  • Mealtime and snacktime
  • Arts and crafts – Painting, glue projects, paper mache, etc.
  • Decorating sweet treats in the kitchen
  • Play-dough playtime
  • Gardening with your children
  • Easter egg decorating
  • And more!
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